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ORCA Energy offers the perfect kickoff for workouts. Each pill has a curated blend of fast-acting, microdosed THC, caffeine, B vitamins, and zinc to help boost motivation, increase energy, and optimize endurance. Each tin of ORCA Energy contains 30 pills per tin.
  • Delta-9 THC for mood enhancement and managing pain perception.
    • 2mg per pill
  • Caffeine for mental clarity and energy.
    • 15mg per pill
  • B Vitamins (B-12, Biotin, Thiamine) for converting nutrients into energy and building endurance.
    • 200mg B-12, 1mcg Biotin, 5mg Thiamine per pill
  • Zinc for fighting workout-related inflammation.
    • 5mg per pill

Recommended Use:
Take one pill 15 minutes before a workout.

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