Joshua Humerickhouse

General Manager

On January 17, 2019 I was involved in a work related accident, which left me hospitalized for four days. I fell off a ladder at the height of 15 feet. I fell onto straight concrete, fracturing my skull, orbital (eye), face and six compression fractures in my spine.

I spent three months recovering, while in excruciating pain. The doctors just kept prescribing opioids and other cocktails of prescription medications. The side effects of all the medications were on a whole new level of health problems for my body.

Several months passed as I tried to get through the pain, side effects and recovery. During one of my many doctor visits and tests, I found out I had two herniated discs in my spine. This was a result of the work related accident. I was told I would have chronic back pain for the rest of my life. I was barely starting my life as a college student. I left the doctor’s office feeling completely defeated. I knew this couldn’t be the “only way” to help my body heal and get relief from the constant pain.

That week I ran out of Hydrocodone. On purpose, I went cold turkey and spent the next two weeks in withdrawal. It was awful. There aren’t words to explain the shock my body suffered. I made a decision that I would no longer take the pain medications offered by my doctors.

That is when I began looking for an alternative option. After a lot of research and speaking with friends, family and anyone that would listen, I found CBD. CBD has ZERO side effects. CBD gave me my life back! CBD allowed me to control the pain and I was able to return to work and school. My personal experience is what has given me the drive to help others who are in similar situations as my story.